AntMiner APW3-12-1600 PSU REQUIRES 205v-264v power 1600W Power Supply for Bitcoin Miners Bitmain

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REQUIRES 205-264 VOLTS TO WORK! The APW3-12-1600 Series AC-DC PSU is specifically designed with mining operations in mind, and combines high conversion efficiency and a strong dynamic performance into a power dense package. It also features short circuit, overload, overheat, low voltage and...

User reviews

Does exactly what it is supposed to do, turn 240 volt into 12 volt for an S9 miner. I have several, all are reliable. Does not come with power cord, make sure you get minimum 14 AWG cord 15 amp capacity. You will need to configure 240 volt outlets using standard household plugins. The power supply cords are the typical type you use with computers, printers, etc.... with standard 110 household outlet configuration. If you have to use a power supply that uses 110 volt, this is the wrong one. Using 220 is a much more efficient way to mine because of lower energy consumption per hashrate.
Now, as for the 240V issue, just have a 1:2 transformer. Standard outlets don't cut it with this beast, so give it that and your good.Hooked it up to my Antminer S7, and it works great, along with the transformer. Wattage is around 500 pull, so expect your bill to get a little high, but hey, your earning more now than before.
Best choice for Antminer S7. Must have 240V outlet. Works great.

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