AntMiner L3+ ~504MH/s @ 1.6W/MH ASIC Litecoin Miner (504MH)

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This premium version comes with Power Supply, Network Cable and Power Cable. This is a plug and play package, just connect and start making the big bucks.

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Awesome litecoin / scrypt miner! As of today (Aug 18, 2017) it hashes .58 or so Litecoin per day on the pool...and depending on the pool you choose you can mine other scrypt coins and potentially make more coin$! Hopefully litecoin price goes up soon to make it more worthwhile, at $45 per litecoin it'll take 192 days to get back the $5k I spent (assuming $0 in it'll probably be closer to a full year to recoup original cost with electric costs, unless price goes up (fingers crossed)! There are lots of mining calculators out there to input your electricity cost, difficulty, price, to figure out how much you can make). The machines are a little pricey, but since bitmain has been sold out for over a month, I got one on amazon, and have not been disappointed. It is very simple to set up, just like other bitmain miners, I love their user interface. And, there are lots of pools to join, try a few out until you get the one you like, or switch to whichever scrypt coin is hottest!
Super fast hashing. When it first starts up the fans go automatically to full speed and it is really loud for a minute or less. The fans will then go back down to a more normal and quieter speed shortly after. I bought from CryptoCrane and they delivered earlier than expected and in perfect condition
Works exactly as advertised, I've mined about .75 LTC in the last 32ish hours. Even without overclocking the hashrate sometimes goes up to as high as 540 MH/s, although it does appear to average to almost exactly 504 MH/s across a 24 hour period. It's about as loud as a standard vacuum cleaner, something to keep in mind if you dont have much extra space. Behind a closed door the noise is hardly noticeable.

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